Advancing technological developments result in new market demands. In addition to the standard customised solutions from WVT, there are various solutions that have never been built before and are completely unique. WVT carries out these assignments under the Special Products label. Products and vehicle modifications that are not directly related to the axle configuration also fall under this category.


Sometimes a vehicle straight from the factory is slightly too short, too long or requires a smaller turning circle. Extending or shortening the wheelbase transport solution is not a problem for us. We can adapt wheel bases to all preferences.


The standard vehicle width is not always the standard that you are looking for. Narrowing a vehicle is not really something that springs straight to mind. Nevertheless, WVT has narrowed vehicles for a variety of different customers. Sometimes it is a legal requirement to work with a narrow vehicle, for example, when working on emergency lanes. Or, maybe you already have a narrow specialist trailer and you’re looking for a suitable vehicle?


We can raise or lower your vehicle. Sometimes it is necessary because a specific structure is required. A different vehicle height is required for a concrete pump compared to, for example, a market stall. When one of our factory solutions doesn’t meet your wishes, we can offer a solution for you. We can also adjust used vehicles for you.


As a driver it is virtually impossible to see everything around the vehicle. An extra mirror and an extensive camera system already offer the solution in many cases. But sometimes it is better to get out. The WVT radio-developed self-driving system, WVT ZRC, allows the vehicle to be operated from a location other than the driver’s seat.

This way the driver can walk around, look around and control the car.  This is not only safe but also efficient. This way the driver doesn’t always have to get in and out of their car for short distances. This can save a considerable amount of time.

The WVT ZRC is equipped with an extensive safety system such as various emergency stop switches, a ‘dead man’s button function’ in which the car immediately decelerates and comes to a stop when the control lever is released and with movement sensors that immediately brake and stop the vehicle.


Depending on the structure of a vehicle, the cabin sometimes gets in the way. A reliable comfortable cabin is of course indispensable. We adjust cabins so that they don’t get in the way and yet ensure a safe and pleasant working environment for the driver. A roof reduction or adjustment is sometimes necessary so that the desired structure can be placed. We make sure your needs are met.

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  • All modifications made to the chassis or cabin are carried out by WVT observing the construction and conversion regulations in accordance with MAN Truck & Bus AG
  • Cabin adjustments are carried out completely, including the interior lining
  • Original MAN components are used as much as possible


  • Wheelbase adjustments for MAN chassis
  • Vehicle narrowing
  • Vehicle lowering/aising
  • Radiographic control
  • Cabin adjustments


WVT is certified by MAN Truck & Bus AG through the Qualifizierte Umbau Lieferant certificate.  All modifications made to the chassis or cabin are carried out observing the construction and conversion regulations of MAN Truck & Bus AG, so that an existing MAN factory warranty remains valid in most cases.

In addition WVT is authorised by RDW to use its own brand name WVT and to issue its own WVT chassis numbers. Because of this, your wishes and preferences can almost always be met.