Today, everyone knows that it is very important to do ‘sustainable’ business. Sustainability is a typical container concept. Everyone defines an own substance to the concept of sustainability. We do that too. Within Wierda we do everything we can to make it sustainable where possible. We feel responsible for our environment. Whether it is about our colleagues, our relationships, alternative fuels, the environment or our products.

Vehicles are naturally harmful to the environment: the combustion engine causes noise nuisance, emits greenhouse gases and under unfavorable conditions extremely fine particles are released. Quality and sustainability are therefore two concepts within Wierda that go hand in hand. A good quality car will last longer and needs to be replaced less quickly. This motivates us to deliver quality, whether it is about new or used vehicles.

Wierda Hybrid Technologies arose from the ideal and the urge to be more sustainable. One company entirely focused on electrically driving vehicles. The Hybrid PTO is the solution for powering the truck structure. Whether it involves concrete mixers, truck-mounted cranes or aerial platforms, everything is possible.


The government grants subsidies to products and solutions that contribute to solving a social problem. Think of issues such as CO2 emissions, air pollution, noise pollution, etc. Our vehicles may be eligible for such subsidies. By choosing to add another axle, the weight capacity of the vehicle increases. This allows the vehicle to carry more weight per trip which, bottom line, means fewer trips. Therefore it is possible that your vehicle is eligible.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any more information about subsidies.

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Environmental Friendly

The 3 P’s

The 3 P’s stand for people, planet and profit. These three pillars are closely related. People stands for the people in our company and around us, planet stands for the earth with all its nature and finally: profit naturally stands for profit. These three elements are inextricably linked and have an important value at Wierda Voertuig Techniek.


The employees and associates who work with Wierda Voertuig Techniek are central. We all have equal opportunities within our organisation, men or women, young people or people of an older age. Everyone that wants it is given the opportunity to grow or develop further. Wierda Voertuig Techniek has a permanent core of people, with a flexible shell around it. The flexi-workers are given the opportunity to develop and further themselves in order to ultimately make themsleves eligible for permanent employment.

WVT is invested in the people in its (in)direct surroundings through sponsorships for local sports clubs, sponsoring the local  foundations and collaborating with schools and training courses.


Partly through establishing Wierda Hybrid Technologies, Wierda Voertuig Techniek wants to further develop innovations that are brand-independent, environmentally-aware technology. The recyclability of our products is also central to product development. In addition, we take care of developments in our premises, such as LED lighting, improving insulation, adjusting heating, etc.

We also want to promote our sustainability through the Lean and Green Personal Mobility stimulation program and make it measurable. For example, the staff followed a training course “The New Driving” and the fleet was modernised.


An organisation like ours won’t last long if achieving a healthy profit is not one of the main goals. Making a profit is perhaps the most important thing. It gives us the opportunity to guarantee the trust of our relationships and to meet their wishes and expectations. For example, a substantial part is reinvested in expanding the knowledge of our staff, as well as product development and offering adequate after-sales processes.