Wierda Voertuig Techniek

WVT is a specialist in developing and manufacturing customised transport solutions.

WVT is a young and dynamic company that is based in Joure in Friesland. The company was founded from Wierda Bedrijfswagens in 2005 by the current director – owner Rene Wierda.


Garage Wierda

As early as 1931 Enne Jacob Wierda, grandfather of the current director Rene Wierda, founded Garage Wierda. He built, repaired and maintained company cars. But that wasn’t all. Development that is in our blood. In Enne Jacob’s car dealership, the customer was involved in thinking, and company cars were adjusted. He made them more effective and efficient. Equipped to function optimally.


MAN Dealership

In the course of its existence, Wierda Bedrijfswagens has been the dealership of several brands. The company has also been the importer for a company car brand for many years. In 2004, Wierda again became a dealer for MAN. The working area extends over the entire province of Friesland. Customers are transport companies, road builders, construction companies and various specialists in the field of drilling for geothermal heat, etc.


Establishment WVT

Wierda Voertuig Techniek was founded in 2005 by the current owner Rene Wierda, who saw opportunities in building customer-specific solutions. Since then, WVT has been based in the Frisian village of Joure, where a motivated team is dedicated to converting MAN commercial vehicles. WVT is a specialist in the development and construction of customised solutions, because where the factory stops, we keep going.


Significant growth and certification

WVT experienced tremendous growth in 2007. This has led to a major professionalisation within WVT, resulting in an optimally organised and mature company. This professionalisation has led WVT to meet the strict requirements of the MAN Truck & Bus AG factory in Germany and thus have obtained the QUL certificate. WVT has been accredited by MAN Truck & Bus AG as a converter of MAN commercial vehicles.


Start development of hybrid solutions

Based on the ideal of developing products that can save money and protect the environment, WVT started developing a completely new proprietary product in 2011: a universal (brand-independent) hybrid solution for driving superstructures of vehicles. In the same year WVT produced the first Hybrid PTO, a year later the first test vehicle was on the market.


Hybrid in practice

In 2014 we were ready for it. The Hybrid PTO concrete mixer has been in operation for a year and the Hybrid PTO loader crane also became operational. Wierda Hybrid Technologies was a fact; a full-fledged sister company, established to perform all activities related to electrification of vehicles. Since then the Hybrid PTO has been made fully electric, known as Electric PTO, and this independent project has grown into a full-fledged company capable of electrical converting light and heavy company vehicles.



The production scope of WVT has doubled in a relatively short time. In order to meet the demand for customised solutions, we moved Wierda Bedrijfswagens in 2016 from Joure to Heerenveen. This has created more room for the activities of WVT and Wierda Hybrid Technologies. In 2017, a strong focus was placed on the quality of the products and processes, and again in 2018.

The future

Innovation, partnership and sustainability

WVT is an innovative company that acts as a global partner. We are happy to use our solution focus, the broad knowledge available, our experience and reliable suppliers to realise and support an ever-broader range of high-quality customer-specific transport solutions.

In the future, we will continue to develop within WVT and actively contribute to society, too. We are always looking for improvements and ways to be able to further develop current products and processes and we do understand that more sustainable logistics is needed like no other.